Posted by: Luigi | January 16, 2009

About me and Zoey!

Zoey says My Peanut Butter!

Zoey says "My Peanut Butter!"

I wanted to post about my sister Zoey. She is also an Italian Greyhound. She is a few months younger then me and was rescued. She is my best buddy.  

Some people have wondered why I get a page all to myself and she doesn’t. Zoey prefers to stay at home while I am out working with mum, and while out working with mum lots of people ask us lots of questions. So we thought if we had a website we could tell them to come here and get all the info they could ever want – and mum and I can still get on with our business!  

Nom Nom Nom - Peanut Butter!

Nom Nom Nom - Peanut Butter!


Zoey leads a much more private life – and she likes it that way. Because she was abused before she was rescued by mum and I, she is very shy. She is my best buddy, and just as spoilt as me! She even gets to clean out the peanut butter jar!

 When I come home from being out on duty all day I love to have Zoomies with Zoey. We chase each other down the hall, through the lounge room, jump over the sofa, then run across the kitchen back to the top of the hallway! Sometimes we try and tick each other by running the other way.

Of a night we all snuggle together, mum me and Zoey. And when mum won’t play tug of war with me Zoey will usually play… even if I have to annoy her constantly until she does! Even though she is younger then me, mum says she is way more mature.  I don’t think so… not when she gets the peanut butter jar stuck on her head !!! I think that’s pretty silly.

Aghh! The Peanut Butter got me!

Aghh! The Peanut Butter got me!

Mum says she will help me make a montage of Zoey photos to show you all and we will put it on the photo page. Anyway, thanks for dropping by! I’ve been helping my mum get this site up all day. Its been hard work, but fun. Oh, we took breaks to play tug-o-war and I spent some time leaving mum to do the hard bits to play with Zoey. Now its time for us to snuggle up in bed. Good Night!


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