Posted by: Luigi | January 16, 2009

Work never stops, even when Im not on duty!

I work 24/7, even when we are at home and I am not on duty, I still have a job to do. Its just I am allowed to play and be dog like in-between actual tasks. Where as on duty, I have to be on my very best behaviour, even when I am just standing around waiting for mum to need me. 

Tonight, was a good example of that. At home I am always off duty. Mum was asleep. But I knew she wasn’t OK, so I had to wake her up. This is really hard sometimes. I try to wake her up by licking her, and she grumbles at me and says “Go away!” But I know that sometimes to do my job I have to ignore my mum telling me off. Mum says this is called intelligent disobedience. So I keep licking mum, even when she grumbled at me to go away and she rolled over so I couldn’t lick her face…. Oh come on mum, I’m smarter then that – I’ll just lick the back of your neck!! 

Finally mum woke up and thanked me for doing a good job all by myself 🙂 Then went to deal with the problem I’d been trying to tell her about.



  1. Well done Luigi! From what I’ve gathered, without saying anything too much, Mum has the same problem except that she hasn’t got a service dog. So I’m in place of that, but not 24-7 – she’s doing really good now and got a lot of help so I didn’t have to keep looking after her.

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