Posted by: Luigi | February 4, 2009

I know I’m cute but seriously….. I need business cards

Today mum and I were so busy! We had so many errands to run and on quite a tight schedule to get them done too. As usual I had a bit of an instant fan base from just being out and about in the shopping centre as my cute little self, but sometimes I wish I could be invisible. Mum needs to get things done, and every single stranger wanting to talk to us just slows us down.

Today one lady took the cake though. Mum was being served by the bank manager when this other customer decided to interrupt us at the bank managers desk just to ask about me!!  Mum was polite to the lady, but I could tell she was secretly mad inside. 

I don’t know why people seem to forget their manners or concepts of personal space when I am around. I know how hard mum finds it to deal with some days.  Mum says she is going to see if she can get me some business cards to hand out to people like this as a way of deflecting the questions and getting on with our business – without seeming rude.

Mum and I both know that people don’t realise how rude or tiresome their questions are, but it does get old after the fifty millionth time. Days when mum isnt feeling well or we are super busy mum finds it really hard to be polite time and time again. I hope that the business cards will help keep mums stress levels down and in the process help the people who just want to learn more about me and assistance dogs in general.



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