Posted by: Luigi | February 11, 2009

Helping out the bushfire survivors

 Mum and I have been collecting donations of toiletries and pet supplies to take a car load up to the relief centers where the evacuees are all staying.  We did over 1,000kms of driving to make this happen.

Mum and I had been collectiong this stuff at our house and filled the hired flexicar: 


 This is just the boot, the back seat was full too. 

First stop –  Yea,  The drive up brought mum to tears, brunt land and so much dead and burnt wildlife on the side of the highway that just had no where to go. White road posts melted into oblivion. Signs singed and covered with soot. 😦  We went to the show grounds there, dropped off some goodies.  They are doing ok.  Plenty of clothes and the like there. They have donations piled up outside the hall.  Its awesome.  What Yea do need though is a pest contoller –  they have a whole heap of European wasps that are harassing people and the kitchen there. A few people from there have been stung.  We are in the process of trying to organise this for them.  

While we were there mum and I also did some rounds to say hello to people that needed my own special brand of Luigi Lovin.

Next we tried to leave Yea to go direct to Whittlesea, got turned back by police road blocks, tried the back way, got turned back by police road blocks, had to go all the way around the entire fire to get into Whittlesea.  At Whittlesea they have an entire gym full of donations, they are really well set up there actually. 🙂  

Next we headed for King Lake, Hit more police roadblocks, but this time we were on a mission – our friend Ken who came up with us is one hell of a bloke and got us past the police blocks and got us labled essential services. We will need Ken to get more stuff up there. King Lake (at the time of this post) is still ground zero. Its a restricted area – and after being in there, I can see why.  I will not share with you all of what we saw today, but suffice to say, the sight of cars marked with body counts, army personell going from building to building checking for more and the smell, the smell is like nothing my doggy nose has ever smelt before.  

Mum cried some more driving through there. So many homes just flattened, gone, no more. Its more gut wrenching then what you see on the news, the pictures do the reality no justice. Not when you drive thru a town that just is not there….. Nothing standing but chimineys.  So quiet and desolate, nothing lives up there, not even bugs.  The roads up there are not safe for traffic yet. Signs have litrally melted, burned away, vanished. Even parts of the road have been warped and burnt by the heat of the fires and trees could topple at a moments notice. There was alot of CFA guys and contractors felling the trees that had been burnt too badly to be safely left standing by the roadside.


At Kinglake Hall. 

But, in the middle of all that is Kinglake’s hall, we arrived and as soon as we started unloading stuff it was being taken by greatful people.  The look on one ladies face when she seen packs of sanitary pads we were delivering, She was so relieved and slipped one into her bag with the cat food we had given her. They don’t have nearly as much up there as Whittlesea and Yea due to the road blocks.  One thing they were sorely neededing and needed right then and there were lanterns and torches, they are without power. They asked us to run back down the mountian to Whittlesea and pick up some for them.

So off we went, We picked up portable butane stoves, torches and lanterns and again, back up through the road blocks. Some boofhead seargent tried to stop us becuase we were in a civillian car. Thank god for Kenny. There is a very heavy police presence up there to discourage looters. 

We came home, and mum and I had more deliveries from arriving from people who were donating. Those  just about filled the back of the stationwagon again!  Mum and I are taking 2mro off, but Ken will be taking this back up to Kings Lake in the morning. 


At all these stops we went around and said hello to the voulenteers, the survivours any one that looked like they needed me to jump in their lap and give them puppy kisses.  I could tell that even though mum was doing important things giving out toiletries and things that I too was helping these people in my own little way.



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