Posted by: Luigi | February 16, 2009

My business cards have arrived!

My business cards have arrived. They are GREAT !!  Mum says they save her so much time. The usual 5 min conversation has been shortened to about one minute. Mum is very pleased about this. I can see how much they help mum feel less stressed out too.   Here is what we have!

My Business Card:

Luigi's business card


My postcard (front): 

Luigi's postcard front

My postcard (back):

Luigi's postcard back



  1. those are great!

    i am sad because i upset a lady one time.. she thought i was being rude… but my dad has a hearing ear dog… and he always taught me to go ahead and ask what a helper animal does. i think because he likes to explain that there are more types of helper animals than just seeing eye dogs..

    si think it is nice that you have on the card that its private details….
    i wish the lady had just said that instead of getting angry at me for asking what the doggies job was.

    i will be sending this page to my dad.. so his dog buffy can maybe get some cards…
    It isnt always easy for people to understand his speach because of his deafness….

  2. Hey Luigi, I’m an assistance dog and I also have business cards!

    My mom originally made them to give to children but she has found that they work for adults too!


    • Pleased to meet you Logan! The business cards are great aren’t they!? My mum finds them good for everybody! Adults and children and even gatekeepers during access challenges.

  3. Eeeeeee Italian! I loves me some tiny little greyhounds. 🙂

    And now that I’m done squee-ing, I’m gonna bookmark this as an example of what to print out for Loiosh Fuzzypants.

  4. This is a very nice site and Luigi is a very nice looking dog. I like the idea of the cards

    • Thank you Janet. The cards are very helpful on days when I am too sick to talk much.

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