Posted by: Luigi | March 12, 2009

Helping out a new trainee!

Yesterday mum and I were out helping a new team learn the ropes! Ashlyn is a Whippet and she is just starting out as an Assistance Dog. So I went along with her to show her how its all done. I showed her around the local out door mall, then our mum’s decided it was time for lunch so I showed her how we lay quietly under the table while they ate.

This is us at lunch. I was whispering lots of tips and a pep talk in her ear while we waited for our mum’s to finish up eating.

Then I showed her what the inside of a shopping mall is like. She did pretty good for a new recruit. I think she will be just fine soon. I have promised to keep helping her out and giving her pointers! We will be catching up regularly. I am really looking forward to it. Its nice to hang out with other assistance dogs. And, mum says next time some one asks if I am a whippet she can say “No… Thats a whippet!!” and point to Ashlyn! 🙂


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