Posted by: Luigi | March 18, 2009

Ashlyn’s lessons

Remeber the new recruit I said I have been helping?  Ashlyn the Whippet?  She is learning pretty fast!  Mum and I have been helping her twice a week and we can already see how much she is improving. We are hanging out with her again tommrow. I am really looking foward to it becuase before we go out I get to have a play with her and her brother!!! Her brother Felix is the same age as me and he likes to pounce around with me in the back yard!

 felix cuddle ashlyn

While we play our mum’s get things organised for the day out. Then Ashlyn and I get dressed in our work gear. We know play time is over and we must be serious once we are dressed to work. Latley we have all been going out to the shopping center. There is LOTS of diffrent things to train around there!  

Ashlyn also has a website now! She is going to get some business cards like mine to help people who ask her mum all about her. Her website is still under construction, but please pop by and say hello to my new work buddy!


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