Posted by: Luigi | March 20, 2009

Another adventure with Ashlyn!

Today mum and I were out with Ashlyn and her mum doing more training. It was a lot of fun! We had lunch at a Chinese resturant we did some shopping. Practiced the esculators and stairs. Later in the afternoon we all worked on some distance and off leash work in public.


Our mums asked us to do things like sit or drop on our mats and stay while they walked away. Then, after a little bit they called us to come to them for treats!  Lots of people stopped to watch us do our traning exercises. Mum said that the people were good “distractions” for us to learn to ignore.  Both Ashlyn and I were very good and didn’t care about the people watching or talking to us. We were focused on what we were ment to be doing!


This is us laying on our mats while both our mum’s walked away. Mum said how proud she was of both of us! We were both very good even when they hid behind the sign and were out of our sight!!!


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