Posted by: Luigi | March 27, 2009

Training and meeting a guide dog at the mall

While Ashlyn and I were out doing more training at the mall we walked past a stall where one of the guide dog schools were fund raising. All of a sudden a golden retriever that was not wearing a harness or vest came out from beside the table and charged up to say hello. My gosh, we were a little taken by surprise! The naughty guide dog should not have come running up to us like that.  I think it just wanted to say hello, but we are not allowed to socialise while on duty so once the lady caught the naughty guide dog mum told us to keep walking.

We practiced more downs and stays in public today. We said hello to some kids. We even practiced laying still while someone stepped over us. Ashlyn was great at that! She even let strangers step over her! I almost made Ashlyn’s mum trip over!  Because I am so little I instinctively dodge feet. I had to lean this as a puppy becuase my mum is very clumsy. I do not want to be stood on! So mum says I need a lot more practice at staying in place while someone steps over me. 


What I did do today that made mum super proud of me was an off lead heel ! I heeled though the shopping plaza for 300 meters !



  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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