Posted by: Luigi | March 30, 2009

My birthday is coming up!

My birthday is next month!  I will be turning 2!  Mum wants to hold a big birthday party for me and invite Zoey and all my doggy friends.  She has talked about birthday meatloaf cake and party games like dress ups and hot dog bobbing! It should be so much fun. Mum says she needs to find somewhere to hold it though.

Our back yard is not really big enough to have zoomies in.  We are going to contact some obedience or doggy day care places and see if we can hire their space for a few hours one weekend. We need somewhere that is large and securely fenced. We need it to be close enough that all my dog friends can come hopefully with some undercover/indoor area in case it rains. And most importantly to be affordable. Mum says that is a tall order but she will try really hard.

I’ve never had a party before. Mum says I deserve one. She says “To celebrate all that you are little man, to honour how much I love you, how much you do for me and how glad I am you came into my life.”   *blush*  My mum gets all soppy on me sometimes !!!

This is me as a puppy: 

The very first pic mum ever seen of me The very first photo my mum ever saw of me. She got this before I arrived!



Luigi as a puppyLuigi as a puppy
Luigi 3-4mths 076Luigi 3-4mths 047
Luigi 3-4mths 021Luigi 3-4mths 013

Luigi 3-4mths 087Image032


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