Posted by: Luigi | May 2, 2009

Old Melbourne Goal

We are adventuring again!!! Mum and I took Sadie the Traveling Sighhound to have a look at the Old Melbourne Goal.  Sadie is a little stuffed sighthound. She comes from the 4 The Love of Sighthounds forum (see links in side bar) and she goes to visit forum members all around the world !

It was so intresting, we seen all sorts of artifacts and things from that period. They were displayed with information in the cells. Mum tried to take some photos  but the light in there is terrible. Being a prison made of thick solid stone walls I suppose sunshine wasn’t high on the architects priorities. This is a photo of me and Sadie with Ned Kelly’s armour! 


Luigi and Sadie with Ned Kelly's armour

Ned Kelly was a famous bush ranger and outlaw.  He is somewhat of a folk-hero here in Australia. Anyhow, he was hanged in the Old Melbourne Goal and we got to see his death mask. I didn’t like the death masks. I thought they were creepy and I growled very quietly at the first one I saw.

Image070 Image071 Image064


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