Posted by: Luigi | May 12, 2009

Assistance Dogs Laws Workshop

Today mum and I went to an Assistance Dogs Laws workshop. It was very interesting! The laws in Australia – both federal and the state we live in, are in the long process of changing and we got to get a more detailed look at how the laws are changing and what the changes will be. It was run by the Disability Discrimination Legal Service Inc. Obviously these laws and the changes that will be happening to them are really important to us. They will effect mum and I every single day of our life. It is important that we understand the laws so we can follow them perfectly and of course educate other people about them when we have to.

 My friends Ashlyn and Teasha came with us and there were 3 other Assistance dogs there too.  Two of them were guide dogs and the other was a Labrador as well, but not in a guide harness.  Some of the other people who were there without assistance dogs commented that they were surprised how well behaved all the dogs were. They said they would not have even realised there were any dogs in the room let alone six!  Mum wasn’t surprised, after all part of our training is to have to lie down alot while our handlers don’t need us. But I didn’ get to snooze the whole workshop like the other dogs – I had to do my job and alert mum about half way through the workshop.


Teasha in front, Ashlyn towards the back and you can only just see a bit of my pack peeking out, Im behind Ashlyn!

After the workshop all our handlers decided to go have coffee and we got to lay about under the table together… Ahhh its a hard life !!!



  1. How cute! I love seeing the pictures of dogs working together!

    • Thanks! We love this photo because it shows just how different Assistance Dogs can look! Its nice to teach people that you don’t *have* to be a Golden Retriever or Labrador to be an Assistance Dog!

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