Posted by: Luigi | June 14, 2009

Fundraising for my membership dues

My membership fee is due for our assistance dog organisation at the end of this month. We need to remain members of the organisation to protect our access rights and keep my assistance dog ID current.

Because mum has gotten too sick to work this year money has gotten pretty tight. Mum and I are getting creative in how we can raise the money for my fees. Mum traded some of her crocheting for a donation. We have even emailed a our favourite magazine to see if we can get a photo of me published in their pet pin-ups section. I’ll be sure to let you all know if we hear back from them!

Would you like mum to crochet something for you? She can crochet blankets, bags and scarves – both in doggy sizes and human sizes. She can also do human hand-warmers !

If you live in Melbourne you can hire us to help out with dog training issues. Mum is very good at training all sorts of dogs to do all sorts of things!

If anyone has any suggestions of ways we can raise the money then please email us!

Any donation will go directly to Luigis training costs, medical expenses and work gear.

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  1. Luigi, we really like how your mum is brainstorming ways to fundraise your assistance dog membership dues and not just asking for money. Do you have something on your blog where we can subscribe to it?

    • Thanks Logan! If you have any great ideas to help our brain storming that would be great!!!

      Because you asked, I just got mum to help me add subscription options. If you look on the right side you should see an option to either subscribe via RSS Feed or Email updates!

  2. Luigi, could you do demos/talks for some professional organizations (not sure what you have down under) in exchange for a donation?

    • Thats a great suggestion Logan, Mum will look into that when she is feeling a bit better! 😀 Thanks heaps!

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