Posted by: Luigi | June 21, 2009

Play date and dinner!


I had a huge day yesterday!  A few weeks ago we met some lovely people, Marie and Victor, while out shopping! They were so excited to see an Italian Greyhound like me because they have four of them at home! They got in contact with me and invited me to come play!

Oh it was so much fun. Mum and I went to visit yesterday and I played for hours and hours with Luchia, Giovanni, Lorelai and Cosimo.

Mum says its really hard to take a photo of 5 high speed Iggies at once! hehehe. Hopefully Marie and Victor got some better ones! They promised to email us some photos of the day so when I get them we will post them up for you to see!  I can’t wait to go back and play with them again. It really was so much fun!


After our play date we came home and got all dressed up fancy for dinner. We went to dinner at the country club. It was very posh. The wait staff all thought I was very cute. I laid on my mat under the table for over 3 hours !!!

The staff even wanted to wait on me, but mum said “No thank you”. It is bad etiquette for an assistance dog to have anything to eat or drink while in a restaurant.


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