Posted by: Luigi | June 24, 2009

My first ride in an ambulance

I had a busy night last night and was working overtime. I had to take mum to hospital in an ambulance. It was the first time I’ve ever been in an ambulance. I rode on the gurney in mum’s lap the whole way to the hospital.  I was very careful not to get in the way, I made sure I didn’t get tangled in the wires they connected to mum or anything.

The hospital were very nice to me. Because we were there so long one of the nice nurses wheeled mum outside in the wheelchair so I could go potty – twice! We were there over 8 hours…. and even though I am trained to hold on for a long time, Sometimes a little guy just has to go!

There were a few new experiences for me last night. I had never been up close to a wheel chair, but I heeled next to it just like I do when mum is walking.  I’ve never been on a gurney before, but I jumped right on up when mum asked me to and I wasn’t even bothered when we got hoisted right into the air on a funny angle! And the Emergency department is full of new things! Beeps, blips, coughing, crying, talking, hustle and bustle and people coming and going.

Here mum, let me kiss it better

Mum says she is proud of me for being so adaptable. She says it is important that she can rely on me to be well behaved and do my job even when she is not feeling well. They gave mum some medication that made her fall asleep for a while too. I just laid with her while she slept. Even though there were many other interesting things I could have wandered off to investigate – I knew mum needed me.

Part of being an assistance dog is to try and be as unobtrusive as possible. I think I did a really good job last night. One nurse was so supprised when mum asked me to jump off the bed so she could take me outside…  She wondered where I had appeared from, I had been there the whole time. She had not noticed me at all!



  1. Luigi, it’s evident that you’ve had great foundation training in that new and potentially scary things don’t bother you. Good job taking care of your mum! Hope you got an extra treat or tummy rub for that!

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