Posted by: Luigi | August 1, 2009

I visited the circus

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages welcome to the circus!

I went to the circus this afternoon. It was quite an experience. Mum was pretty proud of how well I handled it. It was certainly something new. There were flashing lights, *booming* noises, drum rolls, thunder noises, people screaming, smoke (from a smoke machine) an audience clapping and the loudest thing of all – three dirt bikes in a circular steel cage only about 6 meters away from where we were sitting.


Mum thought I would be scared with all these new experiences at once. She was armed to the teeth with my clicker and lots of training treats!


I was a little unsettled, it wasn’t my finest work, but I did my job all the same. I laid on my mat, got up to alert mum occasionally and when mum started feeling unwell I took her outside to get some fresh air though the crowd and in the dark. Despite all the popcorn on the ground.

After the show we got to meet the dare devil dirt bike riders and get a photo with them.

I would like to visit the circus again, it really seemed like fun!



  1. Im curious, has your mom ever went somewhere you were not allowed or she wasnt comfy taking you to?
    We have ran into that a couple times and was wondering if you could help with some advice….

  2. Hi Harmony!
    There are really only 2 places that I am not allowed and those are sterile areas – like an operating theater or a quarantine area – like the zoo. Other then that I am allowed anywhere the public is allowed.

    While that does not extend to private residences all of mum’s friends welcome me in to their homes when mum comes to visit them. If they don’t, mum invites them to come to our house.

    When I was starting training it was different, mum would leave me at home if she did not feel I was ready for where she was going, she tried to set me up for success while I was learning by not setting the bar too high for me.

    Now days, if its something that I could do with a little training we march in and do it -Like the circus, mum wasn’t really comfy taking me there, but we did it! Just armed to the teeth with training treats and mum did not expect me to “work” as well while I was there.

    If it is a safety concern as to why mum doesn’t feel comfy taking me she will adapt how/where she goes to make it safe for me.

    Is there specific examples we may be able to give you some advice on?

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