Posted by: Luigi | August 11, 2009

I went to the gym!

We found a wonderful new gym, one that is really nice and welcomed us both with open arms. Reasonable accommodation really only means they have to let us in. This gym has been amazing and gone above and beyond anything we expected of them. They have briefed the staff, sent out a big memo so everyone knows that its ok for me to be there, including informing staff about assistance dog etiquette.

Today we went there so I could have a look at the equipment and get use to how it moves and sounds. The cross trainer was a little bit scary, Ive never seen anything like it. Mum asked me to lay right next to it, even while it moved!  After a few treats I decided it was ok.  Mum was really grateful for the extra pair of hands to make the machines move, while she was using the clicker and feeding me treats. The gym instructor also asked other people not to pat me or take photos of me.

They also gave mum back her entry fee for tonight because she spent the time training me and talking to the gym instructor. The have invited mum to come back to do another training session with me for free too.  Mum says will will probably do that this week just to proof my down stay near the equipment so mum can work out confident that she won’t have to focus on training me at the same time.




  1. You give me hope. Hang in there on learning the new stuff. It takes time but totally worth it!

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