Posted by: Luigi | August 15, 2009

The gym just keeps getting better!

We went back to the gym tonight. When we arrived they showed us the new pen and signs they made for just for me!  They made it so I can sit by the pool while mum swims laps and hopefully the signs and clearly marked area will help people realize that they can’t play with me while I am working.   Mum and I are really happy with it and can not wait to go try it out!
The saftey pen that the gym made us
Then we went up to the gym. I’ve totally got it mastered now. Mum isn’t going to run off without me when she walks on that weird go nowhere thing so I just had a lay down and watched her while she threw me treats occasionally for being a good boy.

After Mum’s exercise she felt very, very dizzy, So she has now decided to teach me to go to the gym instructors if she tells me to “get help”.  After Mum started to feel better we practiced this a few times with the instructors help.  Mum says it will take a few more visits to the gym before I can do this reliably though.


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