Posted by: Luigi | September 13, 2009

Needles are scary!

There is only one thing in the whole world I am scared of…. and that is getting on the vet’s examination table. Every time I get up there I end up getting a needle! Mummy took me to the vet because I had sores come up on my tummy. The vet said it was a skin infection triggered by contact with something I am allergic to. Maybe plant based or ant bites. But we can’t work out exactly what it was because I get exposed to so many different environments while I am working.

I had to have a big scary needle of antibiotics and mummy has to bathe the welts in salt water till they clear up. Mummy asked the vet if I needed time off work, he said there was no reason to restrict my activities because I am still my usual bouncy, happy, bright eyed, wet nosed self! So we went out to dinner and the pub last night but it will be a few days before I have photos to post of that.



  1. Hy, Luigi, I can tell you, I think the same about the Vet and his needles. They are so painfully things
    Hope you must not so often go to the Vet…
    your Sippan

  2. Enough with the jabbing! We here at IG Ranch got the point! Ha!

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