Posted by: Luigi | September 15, 2009

Going out for dinner

Mum, Aunty Karen, Corey and I went out to dinner tonight  at our local Taberet. We have never been there before and as always mum was a bit nervous about how the staff would react to me. It was such a nice surprise that we were seated without so much as a raised eyebrow.  However before Mum and Aunty Karen had a chance to order the manager was headed for our table. Mum had my info card ready and the usual explanation on the tip of her tongue.

Luigi's postcard front
I know it sounds like not a big deal, but so many times Mum has to explain about me, what I do and that I am in fact allowed to be in no dogs allowed places so Mum was so surprised that instead of being rudely told off “No Dogs Allowed!” like usual, Danielle the manager, actually politely asked Mum if I was there for medical reasons. Mum said yes and that was it!

Thank you so much for your great service and making us feel welcome in the bistro Danielle!


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