Posted by: Luigi | October 4, 2009

Train rides and Sky Deck adventure!

This weekend we took a train into the city to visit the Sky Deck, the highest viewing platform in the southern hemisphere!

On the train even though I was laying on the floor, behind mums big bright purple hand bag a lady managed to stand on my paw! The rude lady did not even look back let alone say sorry even though she made me yelp! Thankfully it was just my warning yelp and I am ok, but Mum was very upset about it.


Once we arrived in the city and found the tower we paid our admission and waited in line to go up in the elevator to the 88th floor! The elevator takes 38 seconds to get from ground floor too the 88th floor! It made mum feel a little queezy. I didn’t mind it at all though. Once we got up there the view was just amazing.


I really liked looking out the windows. I seemed to distract other people from looking out the windows though. We heard lots of funny comments as we passed by.  Someone asked mum what “brand” of dog I was. She told him I was an Italian Greyhound, but I think she should have told him I was Prada or Gucci. Apparently, according to another lady I am a dwarf greyhound and I work as a hearing dog! That one gave us a little bit of a giggle.


Mum gets a little upset when people take photos of us without even asking. While we were there we counted 4 people taking photos of me.  We think its pretty rude when people treat us like some side show attraction and click cameras in our face. If only they asked nicely mum would even ask me to stand and pose for them but when they don’t ask mum tries to ruin their photos by stepping in the way. *giggle*

After we had a great look at the whole of the city spread out under us we caught the train back home again. Here I am waiting on the platform at one of the cities busiest train stations.


All in all it was a great day to be out enjoying the lovely spring weather!



  1. Luigi, you are getting smarter all the time!
    Now you are posting your own stuff!!
    Honestly, I am glad awareness is being spread about.

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