Posted by: Luigi | October 7, 2009

Celebrate Mental Health Festival


Today Mum and I went to the Celebrate Mental Health Festival. It was such a lovely spring day to be out and about. We looked at the information stalls and had wrap for lunch. Then spent some time sitting on the grass listening to live music and watching the world go by.


Mum handed out a lot of my business cards today! Lots of people stopped to ask about me. When we told them about my job they seemed very impressed. I think we taught a lot of people that even little dogs like me can do big jobs! People were so nice today, I got lots of pats and I was even offered bbq sausages but mum wouldn’t let me take them because of my food allergies.


Because it was an outdoor pet friendly venue there were some other dogs there. Many people commented about how well behaved I was. Mum takes my good behavior for granted most of the time. Today we seen that most of the other pet dogs were straining at the end of the leash and often trying to pull to come over and say hello to me even though I was ignoring them. No wonder people were really impressed when I did some basic training exercises. We practiced some distance drop stays, some distance recalls, some ignores and of course the usual heel, sit, turn around, drop etc. We also practiced “Get Help” with a police officer. I am getting so good with “Get Help” that I can do it in high distraction environments I’ve never visited before.  Mum was so proud that after showing me the police man once I was able to go get him on command even though there were other dogs around, children trying to grab me as I ran past while navigating though a crowd. I got extra treats for that.

After the festival was over mum let me have some off duty time to race around on the oval, roll in the grass and soak up more sun. Mum jokes that I am part Lizard seeings as I like sunbaking so much!


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