Posted by: Luigi | October 30, 2009

Visiting Queensland

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately, My Granny got really sick so mum and I had to catch an aeroplane to Queensland.  I’m pretty use to flying now. I go through security, have the metal detectors waved over me and they check my backpack to see what is in the pockets. Once I board the plane I lay down on my mat and settle in for the flight. Sometimes I am really lucky and the flight crew let me lay on the seat next to mum. I don’t mind the actual flight but I don’t really like take off and landing much but I just sleep the rest of the flight away.

When we arrived we went right from the airport to the hospital. Daily visits to the hospital was the routine for a few weeks. Granny is doing much better now and is home from hospital but mum and I are staying a little while longer to help out around the house until Granny is feeling 100% again.


One day while we were in Brisbane mum and I caught up with one of my fans, Sonia, and spent some time hanging around the city together and we also caught a City Cat Ferry down the Brisbane river which was really fun.


Now Granny is home from hospital I have been spending time at home swimming in the pool and basking in the sun. I really enjoy Queensland weather! I’ve barely had to wear my jumpers at all since I have been up here. Mum jokes that I am part Lizard because I like sun baking so much.  Mum has rediscovered that she can film video clips on her mobile phone so you can all expect to see new videos posted soon. If you just can’t wait visit my facebook page they are already uploaded there. 🙂




  1. hey weegee,
    i feel very special to have got a mention in ur blog! I was so glad to meet up with u and ur mum. I had a lovely time 🙂
    i am so very glad to hear that ur granny is doing better.
    keep on being the awesome lil man that u are and say hey to ur mum for me!
    Oxox son

  2. Glad all is well now!
    I wondered why you were so quite!

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