Posted by: Luigi | November 7, 2009

Wish Upon a

I wanted to share this site with people… Mum and I made our first wish here last week  We wished for more business cards, we are nearly out and those cards save mum’s sanity like you would not believe. With Granny getting sick and us having to come up to Queensland to look after her we just could not afford to order more right now.  We didn’t think our wish would be granted. There are lots and lots of wishes on there, and ours was not as dire as others. But our wish got granted by user ‘Averymom’. We are humbled by the generosity of a complete stranger and mum has ordered more cards for me that should arrive by the end of the month!

Mum and I have a few wishes bookmarked to grant for others when we get home. Like a little boy who wishes for Nintendo DS games, Mum has some at home she does not play and we will post them to him. Also people wishing for scaves and gloves – Mum can crochet some to send off.

We take a look everyday to see if there are any wishes we have the power to grant. I hope others might choose to have a look at the site too.


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