Posted by: Luigi | December 6, 2009

Learning a new task

I have been pracicing learning a new task to help Mum. Its called a directed retrieve where I go and pick up an object that she points to and bring it to her, put my paws up and place the object in her hand for her. It will be really helpful when mum is not feeling very well, is dizzy or can not see properly. Mum has been filming my progress as I have been learning. I still have not got the task totally nailed yet. I am at the stage of distinguishing between similar objects in close proximity to make sure I bring the right one.

Here are the videos:

And the rest of my videos can be found here.

Next week I am going on another adventure – a 5 night trip to Tasmania! I promise lots of great photos and to update when I can. My facebook page will be kept most update as mum and I can update that one from her phone, but we need access to a computer to update this blog. If your not already a fan over at facebook what are you waiting for!



  1. Great job Luigi! We’re catching up on all the blogs we follow. The link to your Facebook page didn’t work for us. How do we search for you?

  2. Thanks for letting me know its not working, I will get mum to fix it today or 2mro… In the mean time the direct link is:

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