Posted by: Luigi | January 2, 2010

I can ‘Get Help!’ at the swimming pool

Today was day three for me practising the ‘Get Help!’ command at the swimming pool.  My job at the pool is to walk up and down the side of the pool while mum swims. If mum starts getting sick I will alert her then wait for the command to ‘Get Help!’ where I run off and find the lifeguard and bring them back to where mum is.

Here is a video of me practising today.

Once I have this mastered mum will be able to swim laps and be safe with me watching over her.



  1. Oh Luigi, why do you know, that the big man is the right one to help you? There are a lot of peoples.
    As I was a baby, my mummy goes in a big water, and I jump in to save her in this cold bad water. But than mummy must help me, because I don´t found the way out. And I´m wondering me, why humans goes in cold water.
    your Sippan

  2. Hi Sippan! !! Nice to hear from you again.
    I can tell who the right people are to help me by the uniforms they wear. Lifeguards wear bright yellow and red tshirts.
    I think mum us pretty silly to go in swimming, I don’t like it at all, dry land for me !!!

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