Posted by: Luigi | January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Today is Australia Day! I’ve had such a busy day already and we are still not done yet! So much for a public holiday – its no holiday for me.    Today we went to Australia Day Picnic in the park. There were bands, so mum and I sat on the grass to listen to them play. Colonial renactment people milling around in old clothing from the era Australia was colonised by the English.

I even got to meet the Mayor and take a photo with him in all his finery.


Meeting the Mayor

After some speeches the national anthem was played then they fired the cannon and muskets ! It was a very loud BANG! I was brave though, and only startled a little. Mum was impressed with how quick I recovered. I can recover from any scare for rice crackers !!!! They are my very favourite treat right now and mum was smart enough to have some on hand for me. Yum!
Tonight I am off to be in the audience for a TV show they film live. Mum is really nervous for some reason. So you will probably get an update from me about that tomorrow.  What a busy day for us!



  1. Hi Luigi,
    you are such a clever – and good looking – boy, Princess Lottie is very jealous as she wants to have a website for all her loyal subjects to follow her activities and beauty upon.
    She is moaning loudly now – apparently I am a bit late in getting her dinner ready for her. Perhaps you and her need to join together and form a union to fight for better conditions? I know Lottie would like me to be more prompt with her dinner each night….
    You wouold be proud of her though Luigi – today at a bbq someone crushed upa biscuit even with me saying please don’t and put it on the floor to eat. She only ate a crumb, because I told her not to eat it, and so she had to just watch me pick up the crumbs. Lots of drooling though – I bet you can relate to that.

    Take care Weegee

    Lucy and Lottie

  2. Wow! You had a fantastic day. Ours was quiet, but I got to spend time with friends and fellow guide dog, Troy.

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