Posted by: Luigi | March 2, 2010

Zoo outing!


Ashlyn and I at Tiger Bridge

Mum, myself, Ashlyn the Medical Alert Assistance Dog and her mum went to the zoo! It was very much fun! I got to see lions and tigers and bears!! (Oh My!)

We even seen the new baby elephant. She is only 6 weeks old. She was so cute mum and forgot to take photos of her. Mum was too busy going  “Nawwwwwwww she is soooo little and cute”  to take out the camera but she took these photos of us with the statues at the beginning of The Trail of Elephants.



It was a big day and lots of walking, Such wonderful weather for it too. When we first arrived I got scared, we entered right near the lions enclosure and the lions were roaring and making quite a racket. I tried to convince mum that we shouldn’t go near anything that could make such scary sounds. Mum disagreed but let me have a while to get use to the noise while we looked at the other big and small cats. Who were much quieter. Most of them were napping when we looked in on them except the Serval who was pacing at the back of the enclosure until he caught a glimpse of Ashyln and I – As soon as he noticed us he spun about and stalked us !!!


We were oblivious to the Serval who was crouched and placing his paws ever so carefully as he stealthily crept across his enclosure right up close to the bars. He crouched there with his tail swishing wanting to pounce and have us for lunch!  Look just my head in the background of the photo below at the Serval crouched and ready to pounce on Ashlyn and I.


After we looked at the smaller cats we went back to the lion enclosure and I was feeling much braver and even sneaked a peak at them. Afterwards we checked out the new water world area. We seen seals and little penguins.  They were pretty cute too. All in all it was a lovely adventure and I wish I had more photos to share with you all.


We even visited mum’s favourite display – the butterfly house!



  1. It looks like you had a lovely time. What fun weegee!!!!

  2. Wow! What a fantastic adventure! I really like the photos of you and Ashlyn on the back of the elephant. Dad tweeted them for me with yfrog. That Serval sounded like a really bad cat. I may have barked at it to tell it to go away. I would love to visit that place the next time dad takes us there… Ooo, what was the all the scents like?

    • All the smells were amazing. My nose was going from the time we arrived at the gates flat out until I got use to it all. I especially liked smelling the wild boars! next time your down let me know and we can organise a meet up and go as a group if you like !!!

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