Posted by: Luigi | March 29, 2010

Going to school with mum!

Mum is formalising her experience and skills in dog training by doing Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour. Its a nationally recognised formal qualification. The course involves both theory and practical elements. On theory days I spend most of the day laying next to mums desk keeping an eye on her while she is taking notes and listening to the lectures. On practical workshop days sometimes I have to hang out in my crate while mum works with the kennel dogs as its not safe for me to be around dogs of unknown temperament.  I don’t like being in my crate very much. Its not fun and I don’t like being away from mum even though she comes back so we can check on each other frequently.

This weekend mum got to work with me instead of kennel dogs for a change! I didn’t have to be in my crate at all. It was a luring workshop and I LOVED being mums luring practice dog – it means I get heaps of treats for doing things I all ready know! I had to sit, drop, stand and recall – Easy stuff !!!  But mum got to practice the hand movements needed and I got the treats – that’s a win in my book.

On the break I got to play with another one of the students dogs, an obedience dog called Ringo. Ringo is a 40kg German Shorthaired Pointer and I LOVED playing with him! I love to run around with big dogs. Little dogs are too slow and can’t catch me. Big dogs can keep up, but I can out manoeuvre them. Hehehehehee. After my big play with Ringo I got to spend even more time off duty and smooch up to the instructor and get cuddles from other students. Such a fun day !!! Normally school days are boring for me but not this weekend! I hope there are more like it in future!

Mum and I at school!


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