Posted by: Phoenix | April 9, 2010

Easter Camping Adventures!!

Mum and I went camping at ConFest for Easter! It was the first time I’ve ever been out in the bush! I had so much fun though. I spent lots of time sniffing all the new smells. I seen ants, spiders and even a Goanna!!! ConFest is held in New South Wales. It was a very long drive (500kms) to get there but I was all buckled up nice and safe in my car seat for the trip.


We stayed there from the 31st March and left on the 6th of April. It was a week of adventures. We slept in a tent, hung out by the river and spent some quality time snuggled together in the hammock.


Oh and down by the river was an Arts Village and mum got the body paints out and gave me some decorations!


Our evenings were spent listening to the sound of drum beats and people singing songs while looking up at all the beautiful stars in the night sky.


I’m not much for swimming, but mum had a dip in the river and the hot tub while I stayed on the banks and watched.


While ConFest does not allow pets on site there was another Assistance Dog who I got to meet, Ivy the Hearing Dog ! It was nice to have another pup pal to hang out with, I love making new Assistance Dog friends!


  1. Alright! I love going out to bush, especially because of ALL the SMELLS! Dad and I went to a cabin in Mount Morgan in Queensland a while back, there was a lot of great smells… and nasty looking birds who had maniacal laughs…

    I think I know Ivy, is her dad Chris?

    • Yep Ivy’s dad is Chris ! They are both lovely. What a small world that you know them too! Hopefully one day I will get to meet you too Flame!

  2. Luigi, you are one lucky dog. My guide dog puppy, Chris, came to stay with us in Pemberton at a holiday cottage at the edge of the forest. That’s the closest he has been in the ‘wild’. But he loved it and I wish I could take him more.

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