Posted by: Luigi | April 26, 2010

I am now 3 years old !

Its my birthday today!! I turn 3 years old. How time has just flown by! I am older, wiser and a little calmer now. Mum says I use to be the naughtiest, craziest puppy she has ever owned and I have turned into the best dog she has ever loved. Mum and I share a special bond, maybe its because of the work I do for her, but as much as mum has loved all her other dogs in her life she has never felt quite the same unspoken bond as we share. Mum says I am her soul dog.

A few months ago mum decided to get a tattoo in tribute to me. Its on her left forearm.



And she also got my paw print tattooed on her right wrist. I had to stick my paw in the photocopier so mum could get an exact replica of my paw print, the right size and unique shape that belongs just to me.


While mum has many tattoos, these tattoos are very special to mum. They are of me, and all that we share. Today, the day I turn 3 we have spent quality time cuddled together in bed as mum is unwell again and generally reflected on the wonderful team we are tackling life together. My paws will be forever in her heart, today, tomorrow and always.



  1. Happy Birthday WeeGee!!!!

    Love your friend WeeBaa ❤ ❤

    • Thank you !!! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Luigi! /^o^\

    What kind of prezzies did you get? Bones? Steaks? mince? bikkies!?!? :oþ

    • Thanks for your birthday wishes Flame!!!

      I got Osso Busco and a pork trotter !!! Yummo!

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