Posted by: Luigi | May 11, 2010

I wish upon a hero again

I have another wish. I wish for more bodysuits to keep me warm. Here in Melbourne, Australia it is nearly Winter time and getting very cold!

Because I am an Italian Greyhound I have very little fur and no body fat to keep me warm. So I wear a bodysuit while I am on the job. Because of my unique body shape (very narrow across the shoulders but a very deep chest) store brought dog clothes do not fit me properly. I need custom made bodysuits.

Currently we have 1 body suit, and another 2 on the way but we really need a few more so we don’t have to wash these every night. Mum says it would be perfect if I could have 7 suits, so we can wash once a week.  Our current suits IG XS sized from Pet Paraphernalia in Australia who will sell them to Luigi for the wholesale price.  Another place that does suits for Italian Greyhounds is Houndz in the Hood in America.

Or maybe you could sew something similar? I would appreciate that too! I measure 36cm length and 42cm girth.

Thank you for reading my wish.



  1. Don’t you look smart and handsome in your bodysuit! Do you have a colour you like? I’m guessing not green since we can’t see that colour…

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