Posted by: Luigi | May 15, 2010

Just another day on the job

Yesterday I got to hang out with Lottie the Assistance Dog and Joy the Guide Dog. It was an awesome day. Mum and I helped out Lottie and her mum with some extra training while we were out and about. While we were training we tend to gather quite the crowd of curious spectators. Mum gave out lots of my info cards to people because mum was too busy working with Lottie to talk to the people watching.



We all had lunch together before we started training then coffee afterwards. Lots of long down stays, but that is nothing compared to this weekend. Mum is at school in lectures all weekend. That is super boring for me!



  1. You do a great job Luigi. Thanks for sharing and being such an inspiraton.

  2. I love doggy friends. I went to a barbecue the other night where theyre was Troy the Guide Dog and two other dogs, Kosta and Lady. We were all wet and slimey by the end of the night, we also got a few sausages too! /’o’\

    • Oh Yummmm I love getting human food! Sausages are great!

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