Posted by: Luigi | May 19, 2010

Another trip to the hospital

Mum and I took another trip in an ambulance last night. Im getting to be a bit of a seasoned traveller when it comes to ambulance rides. Mum slipped and fell on the wet tiles when she was getting out of the spa at the gym. Luckily people seen it happen and got help right away for mum, even before she could give me the command to go get help. Mum hurt her knee pretty badly and the pool staff thought it was best to call an ambulance for mum so we were taken to the hospital.


Our healthcare system is under so much pressure and the wait times are long. We spent 7 hours at the hospital. Mum got x-rayed and the bones in her knee were not broken, the doctors said they could not tell exactly what was wrong because there was too much pain and swelling but on Friday we go back for some physio treatment. Because we were waiting so long mum had to ask a lovely stranger to take me outside to potty. It had been hours and hours since I had been given the chance to go. Mum and I were very grateful for the lovely lady who took me out. It was a very kind thing for her to do. Especially since it was very cold outside and she too was waiting to see a doctor.


Sometimes surprises like this happen, all we had planned to do was go to the gym then come right home. It is an important part of my training to be able to roll with the bumps because you never know what might happen next!



  1. I hope your mum gets better soon. My Aunty Missy hurts her knee a lot, it just gives out every now and then…

    • Mum said to say thank you, her knee is improving, still sore, but she is off the nasty painkillers now.

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