Posted by: Luigi | June 4, 2010

Going to the Dentist

On Wednesday I took mum to the dentist. She was very very scared. Mum is phobic of dentists and having things poked around in her mouth, so much so that she has been putting off going to the dentist for over 10 years now! Thats longer then my whole life. Mum thought that now with my help she might give it a go. So we made an appointment for a check up and clean.

When we arrived and signed in for our appointment the reception ladies did not notice me standing quietly at mums feet. It was not until we went and sat down that they noticed my presence. At first they were a little unsure and suggested that I should be left outside! Mum gave them one of my nifty cards and explained that I am an Assistance Dog and that I would be coming in with her. Once they had a look at my info card they understood how important it was that I stayed with mum and they fell in love with me! They really wanted to pet me, but were very respectful and understood that I was busy keeping mum calm. She was very very very nervous about going in to see the dentist.

When mums name was called we went in, and mum sat in the big chair. Mum had me lay in her lap while the lovely dentist worked gently away in her mouth. Even when he started with the noisy instruments I just looked up and then went back to sleep. After all, holding mums legs still was an important job!!!

Mum has lots of medical appointments on at the moment so I will be seeing a lot more of the inside of Doctors offices. Today we went to radiology and had a scan done. I had to go behind the xray shield with the radiographer so that I was not exposed to the radiation. All the radiology staff fell in love with me and wanted to pet me. The one who got to hold my leash while I was behind the shield with her just fell in love with me. She was so surprised at how well behaved I was, even when I could not see mum. Of course I am well behaved, its part of the job description!


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