Posted by: Luigi | June 15, 2010

Fund-raising to get Mum and I to the Conference!

In September there is a very special Gathering up at head office. It will be the 10th Anniversary of our organisation and they are having a big celebration! But most importantly there will be training, skill shares and workshops for mum to attend that will allow her to do her job as the Area Representative better. As the Area Representative mum trains, assesses, and certifies other dogs to become Assistance Dogs just like me!

One of my major supporters is holding a raffle for Mum and I. This is what they had to say in their newsletter:

Luigi is a special needs Medical Assistance Dog and his job is to take care of Monique. Luigi’s presence enables Monique to live an independent life, free of carers and institutions.

Monique is the only Representative in Victoria for the accrediting organisation and she is the only person in Victoria qualified to train, assess and certify dogs like Luigi.

Monique and Luigi really need help to get to the 10th Annual Conference in Cairns in September. Attending the Conference will give Monique more skills, training and resources to be able to do her job even better than she does now.
The conference will have workshops, skillshares and a gathering of people just like Monique who give so much to enable others to have dogs like Luigi, and we want to help Monique and Luigi to get there.
So.. we are running a raffle over the next two months, with some great prizes to be won. The raffle will be drawn in August, Please contact us if you’d like to make a donation or buy raffle tickets, we can do online payments via paypal or direct deposit and we are happy to post tickets out to people.
The tickets will be $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 and you can buy them by contacting us:
Phone:   0419 375 204

We really hope you’ll all give generously to this very worthwhile cause and get behind Monique to enable her to go to the conference. Monique wants to help people and to see others have the same opportunities for independence that she has because of Luigi, who truly is a “wonder dog”. She is uniquely qualified and experienced to help other people obtain the oppurtunity to train and use an Assitance Dog to further their own independence. The conference will help her so much in her quest to help others.

Hopefully we get lots of community support behind us and the tickets sell like wildfire! If you want to donate or purchase a ticket in the raffle please do, we can do it all online for you and any prizes won can be posted out to you..



  1. Hi there.
    Was just wondering a few things, hope you can find time to share some more on your dog.
    1- What medical condition Luigi is trained to alert to?
    2- What is his indication
    3- Which organisation are you going to the conference for?
    4- I noticed that you are certified to train and accredit medical alert dogs; have you considered membership with the National Dog Trainers Federation?
    5- Where did you do your initial learning with?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Have a great day.

    Brad Griggs

    • My mum likes to keep her medical conditions private, so we do not discuss with strangers the specific conditions I am trained to alert and respond to. I’m sure you understand!However my indication is a nudge/pawing and an intense stare. Mum would like to know more about what membership with the National Dog Trainers Federation involves?

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