Posted by: Luigi | June 26, 2010

Reeba is visiting from interstate !!!

Oh it is so much fun at the moment. One of my other assistance dog friends, Reeba, is visiting from interstate. Yesterday we went on an adventure together. We caught a train into the city.

Once we arrived in the city we went to have a look at the Tim Burton Exhibition. It was so cool. Mum says she really enjoyed it, I didn’t get so see much, most of it was up way past where I could see. Im so low to the ground!

Mum took this photo of Reeba and I with the scary faces on the wall, but was told she wasn’t really allowed to take photos in the exhibit so we didn’t get any more inside.
But outside the exhibit was a replica of the ‘bat-mobile’ from Batman. We took a photo of us with that, it was too cool not to! I want to be Bat-Dog!!! Reeba can be my side kick. 😀

Then after another hour long train trip home we walked home from the train station in a storm. We all got so very, very wet and I even gave up trying to avoid the puddles and started walking right though them. After we all had a bit of downtime from the big adventure into the city Reeba and I got down to the serious business of playing.


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