Posted by: Luigi | August 17, 2010

Flying around the country!

I have lost count of how many times I have been on an aeroplane now.  I fly very frequently. I live in Melbourne, Victoria… See it there at the bottom of the country? Well from there we have been to Brisbane and Hobart  and next month we will be going to Cairns – right up the top right side of the map. Its nearly the other end of the country!

Its going to be the longest flight I’ve ever been on. Over 4 hours in the air plus extra time checking in and getting luggage at the airport. That is a long time for me to hold on before I will have the chance to potty again!  Mum is a little worried because it is so long.

It will be worth the travelling though, we are going up to the Assistance Dogs Gathering that I mentioned in June. The fund-raiser was very successful and we have raised enough for our airfares and accommodation. While we are up there we promise to take lots of photos to share with you! I am very much looking forward to going up there and meeting lots of other Assistance Dogs – including seeing my buddy Reeba!

People often ask what it is like for a dog to fly in a plane. Its pretty boring. I lay on a mat in the floor space of the seat next to my mum and sleep for most of it. I wake up for take off and landing, Im not a huge fan of the funny feelings and vibrations that the plane makes while we are taking off or landing but for the time we are in the air its very comfortable. Here is a video of me on a flight 🙂



  1. Hy Luigi, say your Mummy, don´t worry about the long time without potty. I´m in Spring with my Susi made a trip from my home in Northern Germany to Wien… It is more than 1000 km away. We made this tour with the train, over 11 Hours. Susi went with me to the toilette and show me the potty-pad, but I like it much more to wait until we are arriving. It don´t was a Problem for me. I laid the long way on my Mummy Susi´s lap and sleep and look out of the window. It was so nice, for such a long time don´t have a break on her lap. I like the trips with the train much more then with the car.
    your Fan Sippan

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