Posted by: Luigi | September 16, 2010

I am Back from North Queensland!

We got back from our big trip last night and I brought back plenty of photos to share with you all. We left on Thursday afternoon and caught the bus to the airport. Here I am holding on to our boarding pass.
It was a long flight and we arrived late in the evening and checked into our hotel.

On Friday we went and helped set things up for the upcoming Open Day, after we had done the preparations we went back to the trainers house for the afternoon. She also is a wildlife carer and had some baby Joeys that she is looking after so I got to meet tiny little baby kangaroos.


On Saturday we had a workshop to attend in the morning. In the evening was the celebratory dinner. There were lots of Assistance Dogs at the dinner. We got a photo with a few, but there were many more there that we didn’t get photos with. I look a bit like the odd one out with all those Labradors !
There was even a 7.5 week old puppy in training there. Isn’t she so cute?

Sunday was the Open Day at the training grounds. There was a demonstration by Gidget the trained piglet and I got to meet her after her show.
There was also a police dog demonstration too.

On Monday I did my Government Accreditation Public Access Test and passed 🙂 ! Then Tuesday we went to a training session with all the other Assistance Dogs in Training learning how to retrieve things, pull off socks and practicing our heel work. On Wednesday we got up very very early in the morning to head home. All in all it was a busy trip and we got lots out of it. Thanks again to everyone who helped fundraise to get us there!!!


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