Posted by: Luigi | October 24, 2010

Spring has Sprung!


Its spring time here. The weather is warming up. The flowers are blooming and the sun is coming out more and more. I love the sun. Its daylight savings too so the days are longer and the sun stays up later. I can’t wait for summer. I just love the hot weather so much. I don’t need my jammies on every day any more.  I was running in the park the other day. I ran right past a lady walking on the path. She seen me running and then threw her hands in the air, screamed and started to run away from me. I thought this was an invitation to play – so I chased her. This made her scream even more so I barked at her. What a fun game! Mum ruined it by calling me back though. 😦





  1. What a daft thing to do. I know kids do this but big people???

  2. When dad and I go shopping some little kids play that game too. It’s a pity I can’t play too…

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