Posted by: Luigi | November 27, 2010

I have my sea legs now!

This week mum and I went travelling again. This time we flew by plane down to Tasmania. That was a bit of a debacle first our friends car broke down on the side of the highway en route to the airport and that made us late because we had to try and hail a cab on the side of the freeway.  We arrived just as they were calling last call to check in for the Hobart flight. Then it got even worse because the staff at JetStar didn’t have the correct knowledge about their own practices and procedures. They tried very hard to deny mum and I travel on the plane. First they said that they only took dogs for the visually impaired. Mum corrected them. Then they said that if mum had a medical condition that she must produce an airline approved medical clearance to fly. Mum corrected them again. Then they told mum that because my ID cards said she was only my “Handler” they wouldn’t carry me. Mum was not real sure what they meant by that one. What did they expect the card to say!? Then after mum sorted that out they said I had to have a muzzle on! Mum corrected them about that too. It took a lot of time all this arguing and mum was getting very frustrated with them. We nearly missed our flight. Once on board the plane in the in air staff were lovely and it was a nice short flight to Hobart where Granny was waiting to pick us up.

We stayed over night with Granny and picked up our new car.  We drove from Hobart to Devonport to get on the Spirit of Tasmania. Its a ship that crosses the Bass Strait.

It was a wonderful adventure catching the ship. I have never been on a ship before. The boat takes about 12 hours to make the trip and it goes overnight. Mum took some photos to share with you all. This is me in our cabin.


This is me enjoying the breeze on the deck. Photobucket

This is mum and I sitting together out on deck.Photobucket

This is the view I got as we arrived in to Melbourne very early in the morning. The sun was not even properly up yet. I should have taken a photo of the sunrise – it was very pretty. Photobucket


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