Posted by: Luigi | December 18, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Everybody the Holiday season is here. What ever holiday you celebrate we wish you a happy and joyous one!


I have been gearing up for Christmas by participating in Secret Santas. They are so much fun, we mail off presents to other dogs and get presents mailed to us! This year I was in a secret santa for Assistance Dogs that we know here in Australia and my pal Lottie the Assistance Dog sent me some pigs ears (my favourite!) and a new squeeky toy!


The other secret santa we were in was for the sighthound forum we are a part of For the Love of Sighthounds and our pals Patrice, Sasha and Lilly sent us a package from America. I got a bunch of new toys, a new bankie, a Christmas t-shirt, a stocking, and some fruit biscuit treats which I really like! They also included a lovely gift for mum of a glass necklace and earrings.




  1. Hey! I’ve got almost the same outfit!

    • That is the same outfit !!!! You look very cute in it too!

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