Posted by: Luigi | January 16, 2011

Im going to be a TV star!

Mum and I went on another trip to Tasmania last week. While we were at Melbourne Airport they were filming for the TV show called “Airways”.
The producer spotted my talent from across the room and asked if I would like to star in an episode. Of course I obliged. So they filmed us waiting in the really long line for check in. They also filmed us checking in.

After we went through security they interviewed mum and I. Then they directed us to walk here and there a few times so they could get footage of us. They even stuck the camera low down in my face while we were walking but I didn’t let it distract me.  They followed us while we were boarding and filmed us getting on to the plane.

The show will not be back on for a few months, but when it is back I will try to record our episode to share with you all! Sorry we didn’t get any photos with the camera crew, we were very pushed for time and didn’t want to miss our flights.



  1. Oooo… How excitement! /^o^\

    I remember when I had to do TV. They got dad to feed me in the middle of the day, which would’ve been good except they did a couple of takes. Interupting my dinner!

    I look forward to seeing you strut your stuff on TV!

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