Posted by: Luigi | March 8, 2011

Off to the hospital for a sleep study!

Last night mum and I went to the hospital for a sleep study. They were so wonderful to me. The nurses loved me and were ever so nice asking if they could fetch me a blanket to lay on or offering to take me for a walk outside if I needed to potty over night. They all came in to say hello and give me pats. I loved them right back.

At the hospital

Mum got all wired up with a zillion wires attached to her head and face. I was a bit curious about the wires they made mum look funny.
What are all those funny wires on you for mum?

I got mums slippers for her then she took me outside for my last ditch effort to go potty before bed. Once mum was properly wired up with wires on her feet too there was no getting out of bed again till the morning.

Then we snuggled down to sleep. I was such a good boy and didn’t get tangled up in any of mums wires or anything. When we woke up the next morning mum had to have all the wires removed then she took me back outside to potty and then we got ready to leave. It was so nice that the staff were so accommodating of me. I would like to extend a big thank you to them on behalf of mum and myself!


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