Posted by: Luigi | March 12, 2011

Getting Kicked Out of the Doctors Office.

Yesterday we went to meet a new doctor. With doctors its always a gamble as to how they will react to my presence.  The week before last we went to the Breathing specialist and he did a double take, looked a little shocked but said nothing. It was just as it should be. I got ignored and mum got the proper treatment she needed. In this case it was the referral to the sleep study. I have been to the dentist with mum, the hospital emergency room, the surgeons appointments, the optometrists, the family doctor, the therapists, the neurosurgeon, and other specialists bedsides – all with no hassles.

Yesterdays encounter did not go nearly so well. The receptionist was mean and said I might leave fleas on her carpet and not to bring me in future. The doctor once we got in to see him was even worse. He told mum to leave me in the car for all future appointments. Even after she gave him my info card and my Accreditation card and very politely explained he would be breaking the law. He was rude and arrogant and told mum “Get a solicitor and we will see about that!” He told mum he doesn’t see “those people” (meaning people with disabilities) and he doesnt have a ramp to make his office accessible for people in wheel chairs. He seemed proud of that fact. He threatened mum if she insisted in bringing me to appointments he would refuse to treat her properly and just want to get her out of his office. He was claiming that other patients might have allergies to dogs and therefore he had to put them first and I was only one patient he has 100 more. It seemed pointless to tell him that if the allergy is disabling then BOTH disabilities need to be catered for. Usually by both parties steering clear of each other. Allergies are hardly ever *disabling* though. Usually all they need is an antihistamine. Also to have an allergic reaction to a dog most people need to come into physical contact with the dog and pick up dander or sliyva of the dog to set of an allergic reaction. It is very rare that someone is SO allergic mearly being in the same room a dog has previously been in will set off a reaction.

Needless to say we will not be seeing this doctor again. Yet again mum faces needless and cruel discrimination just because she needs my help but we are so outraged and angry that such injustice can be done and people like him can get away with it. Its illegal, but we can not afford a lawyer to hold him accountable for his actions so he will get away with his unjust actions now and probably into the future. Mum has already been punished enough trying to get justice for previous discrimination by the medical industry. She is too scared of backlash to take action. Because she made complaints about very similar discrimination 3 years ago none of the private hospitals in our state will take mum as a patient any more. They all have her black banned as a liability risk because of a previous complaint. If we make an official complaint against this doctor it could mean no doctor will see us in the future either.



  1. Oh, so sorry for the disabled…I hope it should never be like that anymore….

    • We are following up the issue and getting legal advice to follow it up.

  2. Oh I can’t believe doctors would do this to you! Have you got a trainer who can come with you so she can back you up as these situations come up so people can’t just throw you and your lovely dog out? At least the trainer would have authority right then and there to back your authority up, especially since you have full rights to take your service dog anywhere and you can demand that action is taken for your sake.

    I really hope this rubbish is dealt with so you can live without unfair treatment like everyone else. I’ve been treated unfairly because of my guide dog Troy, so I do have a fair idea of what you’re going through. To think that a doctor could completely ban you from his practice is absolutely disgusting, I truthfully cannot believe or tolerate that hospitals would even be willing to ban you from being a patient just because of a poor dog who is trained to help you! Sorry, but it angers me that people with disabilities are discriminated against like this. We live in the 21st century and we’re still treated just as badly.

    Please take care, and say hello to Louiji for me!


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