Posted by: Luigi | August 8, 2011

I didn’t win a race but I won the raffle!

I had so much fun today! Mum took me and my friend Boo the Italian Greyhound to do lure racing. We had a great time. First we got to play in a big fenced off leash area and run and play with all these other little dogs. Then it was time for the racing to begin! I came first in my practice race but that is where my glory ended. I came dead last in all my other races, but I had a lot of fun doing it. Boo is really quick too, when I raced against her she placed 3rd and me 4th.

Our friends from HoundTV were there too. We invited them down and they came along to film a segment about Lure racing for the show. When it goes to air I will upload it here for you all to see.

Despite not winning any races I did win the raffle but the prize was some chicken flavored dog biscuits and I am allergic to chicken so we gave them to the people we were sitting with for the day. 🙂

This is my friend Boo! She is staying at my house for a little while!


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