Posted by: Luigi | October 22, 2011

Apparently I am a Joke?

One day Mum is going to snot a security guard in the nose! Security guards are a pretty constant thorn in our sides. They rarely bother to read my vest or leash that identify me as an Assistance Dog and regularly go off half cocked trying to kick us out. Today was no exception – we were at the cinemas in line and the security guard approaches mum and tells her that I am not allowed in the cinema. Mum wasn’t feeling the best and her response was snarky. She pointed out my vest and patches and suggested he read in the future. His reply nearly floored us though -“Oh I read it, I just thought it was a JOKE.” Yeha because having a disability is so funny mum makes jokes about that every day! This is not the first time a security guard has suggested my vest was a joke or a costume. *sigh* Mum wonders how these men even dress themselves in the morning let alone hold down a job.



  1. What total crap n BS. Even security guards? I mean how stupid is ppl? Jeesh!! * hi buddy*

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