Posted by: Luigi | November 9, 2011

Being Fat is Not a Disability

Last night we received a very hurtful and nasty comment left on my blog. We didn’t approve it because we want my blog to be a happy place but mum feels like she has to address the comment none the less. The commenter said “Being fat is not a disability.” Mum is fat, and that has got nothing to do with her primary disability. Her primary disability can affect anyone of any race, color, creed, gender or even any one of any weight. It doesn’t discriminate at all. And loosing weight would not change the severity of her primary disability in any way.

This commenter has caused mum to take down a couple of posts that had images that she was more visible in. This blog is about me and the work I do – not about mums weight.

If you have not got anything nice to say – dont say anything at all.



  1. Hi Luigi! Your fellow service dog in-training, Zoe here! Tell your mom that my mom says not to worry about some crazy mean jerk. He’s probably just jealous because he can’t take his dog with him to the places we get to go. ~Lots of hugs~


    • Thanks Zoe 🙂 Do you have a blog we can follow too?

  2. With me, due to my disabilities I have gained a lot of weight. I am not able to do all I was able to do before my medical condition.

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