Posted by: Luigi | January 31, 2012

Mum was in hospital

Talk about surprises, mum went to the doctors about an abscess she had and then was told she would have to go to hospital. The hospital admitted her and she had to have emergency surgery. It wasn’t what mum and I had planned for last week. Mum had to find somewhere for me to go stay on short notice when she got admitted because Im not allowed to go to surgery with her. I still came in and visited every afternoon though!


Mums surgery went well and she is home now. The nurses come every day to put a fresh dressing on her wound. I get exiled to the kitchen so I don’t get in the way. 😦 Oh well at least mum gives me a bone!  While mum was in hospital I stayed with my friend Marie and her Italian Greyhounds. That was fun – especially as they currently have two 6 week old puppies to play with. Mum thinks they are so cute and they remind her of when I was little. 🙂 Even though I had fun at Marie’s house and she took good care of me I was so glad when mum got home. There is nothing better then sleeping in bed with mum.



  1. Hope your Mum feels well soon. You are so good Luigi, well done looking after her.

    • Thanks heaps. Mum is on the road to recovery but it is going to take a little while.

  2. Hi luigi. I’m so sorry your mum was in hospital. Its terrible when our people aren’t well, we worry and there’s not much we can do. Like I always say, I’m sure all these maladies of human beings come from the fact that they walk on 2 legs. If only they would be sensible, and take our example. Please advise. Give your mum a lick for me, I hope she is well soon.

    • Hehehehe I will suggest to mum that she try walking around on all fours and see if that helps! Hehehehehe!

  3. Good boy Luigi. *scritches n Pats* take care of your mum for us. 🙂

    • Thank you Rose! 🙂

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