Posted by: Luigi | February 27, 2012

I’ve joined an obedience school!

Mum and I have joined our local obedience school, we want to do obedience competitions but before I can do that I have to learn how they like it done in the ring. I have lots of little things to brush up on. Assistance Dog obedience is very different to competition obedience. When I am on duty mum doesn’t care if I sit straight as long as my bum is on the ground, in competitions I must sit lined up straight with mums leg so its lots of little things like that I have to learn. I also have to learn to auto sit when mum comes to a stop. I am in beginners one class. Hopefully I learn fast enough to progress out of there quickly because Granny was teasing me for being in a beginners class with all the young dogs! Im going to be 5 this year! Its never too late to teach an old dog new tricks! 🙂 

We will keep you all updated with our progress. 



  1. Dad wanted to take me to a doggy social club as I’ve developed a fear of the big mean dogs of our town, but I’m usually fine when I’m not working…

    I look forward to reading about all your training and the fun I’m certain you’ll have!!

    • I hope its fun!! 🙂 You should still get dad to take you to a doggy social club anyways – it will be fun for you when your off duty!

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